Whether your ambition is for a hobby that pays for itself, or a professional operation that is someone’s livelihood, these sessions will give you practical and usable tools to help you protect, produce and thrive.

The Line-up

March 7th- Intro to Crafty Canvas: No matter how long you’ve been creating, it’s time to craft your calling into a true business. John Meyers & Tabitha Messmore (our entrepreneurial coaches) will walk you through the steps to crystalize your vision of yourself and your business to help you move forward with purpose and profit. In this session you will find your why, write a professional bio, write your mission, discuss business goals and start thinking about how you can pitch your business ideas. *All who attend this session will receive a FREE professional headshot*

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March 21st- Let’s Build a Booth: In this session you will learn how to plan out your professional looking vendor booth for craft shows on paper first, then see samples of how to maximize your space to fit everything you need. We will also discuss how to build collapsible hard walls and talk about hard vs. soft walls (i.e. pipe and drape walls!) We will also discuss shelving and display options, and how to build 3 display fixtures using repurposed items from session sponsor, RBX- this is a hands on activity!

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April 4th- Photograph Your Wares Like a Pro: Your e-commerce images will determine whether a customer will purchase your product or not. Do your hard work justice with some simple product photography. Capturing great shots of your work is doable on a budget. We will talk through simple tips and tools on how to photograph your work on a limited budget and in a small space. A DSLR camera is great if you have one, but we can make this work with smart phones. Come with your product and a camera and/or smart phone and get ready for some demos and hands-on learning. *Photo booth built during this session will live at Crafty Mart's office for any of our makers to use at any time!*

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April 18th- Packaging, Signage and Costumer Service, Oh My: Learn a few tips and tricks when it comes to packaging your wares (make it look great!), signage (and where to make it for cheap!) and selling yourself and your creative business. Let’s discuss how to make a lasting, positive first impression on your costumers and how to get them to keep coming back!

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May 2nd- Crafty Tax Deductions: Learn how to report your small business for tax purposes. We will cover what constitutes revenue and expenses and review record keeping. Auto expense will be discussed so you can maximize this deduction. We will also discuss the Self Employment Tax, Estimated Taxes and how your activity will impact your federal, state and city taxes.

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May 16th- Putting it All Together-Marketing and Social Media: Our Social Media professional will help you learn social media best practices, give you tips and tricks for creating killer content while also delivering world class customer service to your customers/clients via social media. This session will include lots of time for questions and discussions to address any specific quandaries or questions makers have about diving into social media for their businesses.

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All Maker Sessions take place at 6:30pm at BOUNCE, 526 S. Main St. Suite #414

The Maker Sessions are made possibly by the generous support of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, The Ohio Arts Council and the Akron Community Foundation.


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