Today-- Monday, March 20th-- is National Arts Advocacy Day, where arts supporters from across the nation will descend on Washington to make their voices heard, as they do annually. This year's date is especially well-timed considering the recent threats to Arts funding at the national level.

So what can you do to help, short of hopping on a plane to DC to advocate in person?

1. First of all, pledge your support locally! Our friends at ArtsNow will even keep you accountable by sending you a reminder if you choose. Make your pledge here:

2. Donate to an arts organization that you care about. You can donate to Crafty Mart here or you can browse this list of local arts organizations in Summit County. Contributions don't have to be large to be meaningful-- every little bit helps!

3. Got more time than money? We get it. Join us on Thursday, March 23rd from 4-6pm at the Akron Art Museum's Cafe for a postcard writing party! We will provide postcards, stamps, and art supplies so that you can encourage your representatives to support federal arts funding. Or you can email your representatives anytime.

4. And, finally, most importantly, show up for the arts. Support local artists by shopping local (Our next show is The Mom & Pop Shoppe on May 13th!), attending performances, and sharing your love for local arts on social media!

As Akronites, we're very grateful to have bi-partisan support for arts funding at the state and local level, but other places aren't so fortunate. If you value the importance of access to the arts in a community, then now is the time to make your voice heard!