We're excited to announce that Team Crafty Mart is growing yet again! Please help us welcome Marketing Intern Selah Ashe who is finishing up her final semester at Kent State University and will be joining us through the summer!



My name is Selah Ashe (the artist formerly know as Sydney) and I am the marketing intern for Crafty Mart! I am a writer, chef, musician, nerd, entrepreneur and wannabe artist. I write pretty much any and everything from poems to plays to papers, and I’ve been writing since before I can even remember. I play the electric guitar (awkwardly) in my free time and I also sing (fairly well).



I have one cat named Rajah. We’ve had a complicated relationship ever since I rescued her from Summit County animal shelter in 2013, but I love her and she loves food, shelter and sometimes me and that’s okay because at least she’s consistent! I love to travel, cook, bake and read. I’ve recently tried vegan baking and I’m sad to say it's not going well-- but I won't give up yet! 


I’m super excited to join the Crafty Mart team and I can’t wait to see where this internship will take me!





In November of 2015, I started a natural hair and skincare company called Seken Hair and Body. We are a company that is dedicated to to educating and helping consumers make conscious decisions when buying products for the skin and hair. Our official launch is April 27th, 2017. So keep a look out for Seken Hair and Body at a Crafty Mart event!


We're so excited to have Selah's help this year, and look forward to her becoming part of the Crafty Mart community of friendors.

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