With a goal of fostering creativity, community, and collaboration, the Summit Artspace was created in 1991, then known as the Akron Area Arts Alliance.  Currently occupying the historic building at 140 E Market st., the Artspace boasts an impressive breadth of studios, offices, and a gallery , as well as a pillar of the community and a host of our 9th Annual Crafty Mart.

While the Artspace’s history may not be as impressive as the Art Museum’s in our previous history, what is impressive is the seven galleries the Artspace oversees; the Summit Artspace Gallery, the NextUP Gallery, The Box Gallery, Gallery A, Transition Gallery, Nine Muses Art Gallery, and Summit Artspace on Tusc.  While it may not be the most important service that the Gallery provides from a humanitarian standpoint, managing art shows and tours for local artists amongst these galleries is my favorite of the Artspace’s contributions.

If you’d like to attend an Artspace event, there’s currently a free exhibit running every night in Barberton called “Murals of Light and Darkness” by Ron White.  Featuring White’s large and memorable murals, you can see details of the event here.

And if all this has made you want to support the Artspace, and by proxy your local arts, I would recommend monitoring their class schedule.  While the Artspace does not have any classes right now, they will be back soon, and classes offer a great way to get personal value while supporting the Artspace.  Once classes come back, you will also be able to buy gift certificates for classes, which might just be the perfect holiday present for the artist in your life!  Finally, directly donating to the Artspace is always an option, and can be done through this link if interested.

The Summit Artspace is one of the hosts of our 9th Annual Crafty Mart this Saturday, and I hope to see all of you there!