To celebrate that it finally feels like fall in Northeast Ohio, let us introduce you to your new favorite soup bowl or cocoa mug!

1. Pluckhouse

PluckHouse tableware is designed to be enduring, simple and demand presence in the dining experience. Home and professional chefs alike will appreciate how our pieces compliment the foods they prepare.


2. Maryssa Moczan Studios

Maryssa Moczan creates handmade functional ceramics designed for everyday use. Her work is inspired by nature found during hikes throughout Ohio.


3. Tiny Cloud Ceramics

For those who are a little snarky even after coffee, Tiny Cloud Ceramics feature adorable, if not slightly doofy, animals on stout cylindrical mugs or harsh phrases on deceptively cute and curvy twinkly mugs and demitasse. 


4. Kimmyzthings

Kimmyzthings hand makes functional ceramics, mugs, bowls, platters, earrings and more. Decorated with whimsical designs and patterns inspired by mid century design.


5. TIndercraft

Tindercraft Ceramics' work consists mostly of hand-built, rather than wheel thrown, ceramic objects. The result is well crafted objects that avoid the look of something manufactured. Influenced by animal forms, each piece embraces the organic and even the functional pieces have character. 


You can find all these unique finds and more at the 9th Annual Crafty Mart on November 25th! Admission is free after 11am, or you can snag an early bird ticket here.