Another excellent excuse to eat at Chipotle!  Please consider eating at Chipotle in Highland Square on Wed. Sept. 7th between 5-9pm.  50% of the proceeds from our purchases will go to our non-profit group Crafty Mart. Help support the arts & culture community in Akron by eating at Chipotle--how fun is that?

How do we get the proceeds from your purchases? Just a few rules:

--it only counts if you buy on Wed. Sept. 7th, between 5pm-9pm.

--it only counts at the Highland Square Chipotle (825 W Market Ave., Akron, OH 44303)

--before they ring up your purchase, you have to TELL THEM it's for Crafty Mart's fundraiser (or show them the image above on your cell phone). It's just that easy!

Thanks so much for helping us out. We'll see you there on Wednesday--and don't forget to get extra guac.