We've got FIVE REASONS you want to check out Crafty Mart's August Artwalk Pop-Up Market. Get out your pencil--because you don't want to miss it!


5. Jennifer Davis of smARTStudio is hosting the Prince Portrait Painting Party. Make sure you buy your tickets NOW--you don't want to miss out on this workshop. Even though Prince is enough to draw everyone to the August Artwalk Pop-Up Market, I'll continue with four more reasons!


4. We're welcoming the Pierogi Lady to come and serve her tasty meals. We'll also have wine and beverages available. Rumor has it: the Pierogi Lady is bringing her Pierogi Poutine this Saturday--won't that be fun!


3. Attention Pokemon Go! Players: Summit Artspace (140 E. Market St. 44308) is a Pokestop. We'll be dropping lures at 5, 7, and 9pm--so come catch 'em all! Since our event is from 5-10pm at Summit Artspace, on the 3rd floor--you'll be in the perfect spot to play.


2. Crafty Mart's August Artwalk Pop-Up Market is just one of many events going on Saturday evening during the Artwalk. Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP) has a full schedule of open galleries and events going on. We also recommend checking out the opening of NOTO North--the new space opening up at Northside (across from Luigi's) from 4-10pm. You can thank us later!


1. Of course, you'll want to shop an all-new curated collection of local artists and makers showing off their goods. Power lies in your wallet--make sure you SHOP SMALL and SHOP LOCAL. We'll help you with that by bringing the best small business makers and artists to Summit Artspace, (3rd floor) on Saturday, August 6th from 5pm-10pm. Here's a complete list of who will be there:

River Girls
Lulu June Handmade Creatives
The Paper Robin
NARF Design
Threadbare Beauty
Sweet Punkette Designs
Art By Design
Rocks Are People Too
Listen Goods
Chris Deighan Art
Meggie Sue Design
Tea Dude
Maryssa Moczan
Holstein Candle Shop
Layers of Me
Champaign Paper
CMF Collection

We'll see you on Saturday, August 6th!