We're excited to bring you a series of profiles to introduce you to a few the artisans that we're so lucky to work with! This is just one in a series of Vendor Spotlights in which we let those who will be sharing their wares shine a light on what it is they do. The following profile is Kate of ChicalooKate and her response to a mini-questionnaire.


1). What's your name and what is it that you make?

My name is Kate Kehoe of ChicalooKate and I make all the things. Okay, not really, but I do make notebooks, magnets, coasters, greeting cards and mugs. (See, pretty close to all the things.)


2). How did you acquire the unique skill set to do what it is you do?

Of all the things I make I started with notebooks first, which came from helping my dad assemble books for his high school class. Over the years I added magnets and coasters. Just this last year I added coffee mugs which are probably my favorite thing to make at this point. I am constantly trying to shake up what I do. I love learning to make new things.


3).  What is your best seller?

Right now the NSFW coffee mugs are my best sellers. I usually only bring 1 or 2 of each design to shows so the bestsellers change from show to show.


4).  How long have you been vending? Have you done a Crafty Mart show before?

I believe this is my 4th Crafty Mart Show, my 2nd Holiday show. (I could be wrong, time has no meaning anymore.)


5).  The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? 

I will say neither and go with the Supremes.... or the Spice Girls. (No, not the Spice Girls, but I thought it was funny.)

Thank you for answering our questions, Kate! Look for her at the next Crafty Mart event or shop ChicalooKate online!