Crafty Mart's Director of Education Marissa McClellan has come up with something new for one of our WORKSHOPS during the 8th Annual Holiday Show. She's instructing a class on a simple but clever process to create a tie-dye effect on fabric using sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. Each participant in the kid-friendly class has the opportunity to learn this process and make their own colorful scarf to take home with them.

Here's what's new about this workshop--it's designed for parents to register their children (ages 5 and up) and drop them off at the class while they continue to shop at Crafty Mart! Yup. Need an excuse to distract your kid while you shop for them? Need a brief break while your children learn something new? This is for you.

But to be clear--this fun class isn't just for kids. We've received quite a few requests for adults to participate as well. It does look like fun, doesn't it? ADULTS are welcome to join the tie-dye workshop as well. Ages 5 and up includes you too! So feel free to register if you'd like to join this exciting class--and bring your kids too, if you like.

The ti-dye workshop will take place on Sunday, Nov. 27th, 1-3pm at Summit Artspace during the 8th Annual Holiday Show. The class costs $10+service fee to register. Click here to register.


Want to know more about Marissa, Crafty Mart's Director of Education? You can read her profile from our website here. You've probably seen her before at one of our many events. For more information or questions about this workshop, please email Marissa McClellan at

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