This is just one in a series of Vendor Spotlights in which we let those who will be sharing their wares shine a light on what it is they do.  The following profile is Kelsey of Threadbare Beauty and her response to a mini-questionnaire.

1). What's your name and what is it that you make?

My name is Kelsey Meyer of Threadbare Beauty and I make women's accessories and home decor items. I focus on creating unique, well made goods for a well curated lifestyle.


2). How did you acquire the unique skill set to do what it is you do?

I started sewing when I was 10 and my mom and grandma helped me to hone that skill. I have a degree in Fashion Design from Kent. Although I loved spending my days creating things, I wasn't a huge fan of the cutthroat fashion industry. Which is why I'm here!


3).  What is your best seller?

Probably the earbud pouches. They make great stocking stuffers and are super cute and handy. I also sell a lot of earrings (made from vintage buttons) and aprons!


4).  How long have you been vending? Have you done a Crafty Mart show before?

I've been vending for about a year and a half. Most of the shows I've done are Crafty Mart. The first shows I ever did were last August at the Akron Farm and Flea and the Akron Artwalk (both in the same day! It was crazay).


5).  The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Blue Oyster Cult.

Thank you for answering our questions, Kelsey! Look for Threadbare Beauty at the next Crafty Mart event!