Ever wondered about the people behind the non-profit organization Crafty Mart? This is the next profile in a series to introduce you to the Crafty Mart Team. Revisit the rest of our Team Profiles here!

Get to know the Crafty Mart Team: Chairman of the Board Fred Holzworth

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, I work very closely with the Director on bringing the Boards' visions, ideas and new collaborations to fruition.  It can be a delicate balancing act of making sure you remain inviting for new and upcoming talent, while simultaneously driving growing traffic for those who’ve already established their place in the “maker market”.  I find myself acting as the sounding board for the ideas and opportunities discussed at our Board meetings, hopefully providing some guidance to make sure that we proceed on things that will have the greatest positive impact for the vendors and their customers.  If it sounds lofty, forgive me, because I’m just as willing to carry ice bags and empty trash as I am to have a healthy and lively discussion about the direction and future of Craft Mart. I  am inspired by our Director, and will do all I can to carry out her visions and dreams for this thing we call “Crafty Mart”. 

 I became involved with Crafty Mart several years back as a supporting vendor, my wife and I were running a photo-booth company at the time.  We immediately fell in love with everyone involved with Crafty Mart – from the staff to the vendors.  

Unfortunately we had to close our photo-booth business, however, not long after I received an email from the Director asking if I would like to serve as the Chairman of the Board for Crafty Mart.  I read the email to my wife, and with a wide smile, she said she was so glad we would remain closely connected to these wonderful people we had come to know at Crafty Mart.  It’s my honor to serve in any way I can to help our vendors further their journey to personal success.

When I’m not attending to Crafty Mart business, or one of my three children (3 year old boy and 3 month old twin girls) or my wife, I am the Executive Vice President of S-Tek Inc.  S-Tek Inc. is a manufacturer of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).  My roles include:  - International Factory Management – Sales Agency Development and Management – Website and IT – Social Media Marketing and Networking - Development and Management – Accounting etc. 

My family and I enjoy being outdoors, and finding new trails to explore.  We enjoy good theater, a good movie, a good story, good food and good friends.  I’m also a musician – so we also spend a fair amount of time creating music together.  Who knows, you may download a song performed by the “Holzworth 5” at some point in the future.

I’d like to finish this little introduction by telling all of you who participate in Crafty Mart: staff, vendor, customer or innocent bystander – we take what we do very seriously.  We know that for some we can be the catalyst to a different future for themselves – a future where they are living out their passions and dreams.  What an absolutely beautiful thing to be a part of – again, it’s just simply an honor to be allowed to serve each and everyone person associated with Crafty Mart.