This is out latest installment in a series of Shopper Stories where Crafty Marters share their experience and some of the great finds they found at one of our Marts. (You can browse through the rest of our Shopper Stories here.)

Here is Heather's story from when she visited us at Summit Artspace in the Spring:



Name: Heather Weber

Profession: Professional Body Piercer

About Me:    I work at Good Life as a Professional Piercer. In my free time, when I can find it, I spend a lot of time cooking, baking, and enjoying the Cleveland area, where I live.









I’ve been shopping at different Crafty Mart events since the first one I attended in Spring of 2011 at Musica. There are always so many different kinds of vendors and I always look forward to the different events. I tend to walk in with no agenda and let things jump out at me as I peruse the tables. This time as I walked through the Mom + Pop Shoppe at the Summit Artspace I came upon some pretty perfect things for a few different people as well as myself!

I always try to tell myself I’m going to take a lap and walk around and absorb everything but then, I always get completely enamored with something and can’t move on until I get it. The first thing I couldn’t get past were these hide n’ seek bags I got from Radish Balloon. They’re these awesome little toys that are like a bean-bag with a window, and a list of things to sift through and find, like an I-spy. I thought they were really fun and my niece and nephew loved them when I gifted them during easter the next day!

I also fell in love with a tiny pair of crocheted shoes that I knew would look perfect on my friend Jes’s baby, Charlie. I found them at Gainer in Stitches’ table and they are so adorable and well made! They remind me of when Jes and I would constantly be on the hunt for “the perfect sparkly” flats when shopping, now Charlie will have ‘em!

I think I spent the longest time My Beverly Jewelry’s table trying to choose a necklace because every time I found one I liked, there was another one directly next to it that I liked more! They all have real dried flowers in them and there were a ton of different styles. The one I chose, I’ve worn almost every day since - and get tons of compliments about.

Being a total addict for bath products, as well as really sensitive and hyper conscious about the content of what I put onto my skin - Blue Lake Botanicals had a lot of different all natural soaps and lotions that all smelled so awesome. I chose and have worked into my daily skincare routines the cool lavender body whip and lavender rosewater toner.

Per usual my trip to Crafty Mart garnered a bunch of awesome stuff for myself, which is nice - but I always inevitably find something perfect for a lot of *really* different people in my life! I always make sure I grab cards from tables I’m interested in but didn’t buy from too, that way I can plan ahead for future Crafty Mart events.

Thanks Heather!  You can follow Heather's adventures on Instagram or learn more about what she does as a professional piercer by visiting her website.

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