Get to Know the Crafty Mart Team: Assistant Director Joanna Wilson

Ever wondered about the people behind the non-profit organization Crafty Mart? This is the first profile in a series to introduce you to the Crafty Mart Team. Breaking the ice is Joanna Wilson, Assistant Director of Crafty Mart


As Assistant Director, I mostly do administrative duties including answering email, some of the social media, and writing for the website. You probably have seen me helping to set up and break down at the Crafty Mart events too. I started my association with Crafty Mart as a crafter--I make hand-embroidered greeting cards.  So I have experience selling at Crafty Mart events as well as helping to organize them.



In addition to Crafty Mart, I'm also one of the Den Mothers (organizers) of the women's only dance group Dance Dance Party Party-Akron (DDPP-Akron.) I'm also the co-founder of the local blog Akron Empire, and a staff writer/Akron history columnist for the new alt-weekly newspaper The Devil Strip. I'm committed to building the arts & culture community in Akron.

However, my living is earned as a book author.  I've written the local history/nostalgia book The Story of Archie the Talking Snowman and co-authored A is for Akron. I'm also a TV researcher/writer and have written three books (more coming) specializing in Christmas entertainment--most notably the encyclopedia Tis the Season TV: The Encyclopedia of Christmas-Themed Episodes, Specials, and TV Movies. As a book author, I've learned to be discipline, organizational abilities, and a few marketing skills. This is some of what I bring to Crafty Mart.


Vending my greeting cards at Crafty Mart (2012-ish) alongside the Robot Consortium at Musica.

Vending my greeting cards at Crafty Mart (2012-ish) alongside the Robot Consortium at Musica.


I first met Brit Charek in 2011 at a craft show she organized called Rowdy Indie Craft Faire--before she was Crafty Mart's director. We vended together many times and eventually started the blog Akron Empire. I think she brought me onboard the Crafty Mart organization because we work well together.


The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones? Full confession: I'm the one responsible for bringing that question to our Vendor Spotlights! I've always been a die-hard Beatles fan, preferring their later recordings after Rubber Soul. But lately I've been obsessed with the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street.  So there ya go--I've drawn everyone into my rock & roll dichotomy.

More profiles of the Crafty Mart Team soon.