We're getting excited for our next event--happening this weekend!  Crafty Mart is coming to Thirsty Dog Brewing Company for a pop up market on Saturday, May 23rd, 11am-5pm.  Please let me introduce you to one of our makers coming to the event.  This profile is one in a series of Vendor Spotlights where we let those who will be sharing their wares shine a light on what it is they do.  The following profile is Andrea from Tidal Cool and her responses to a mini-questionnaire.


1). What's your name and what is it that you make?

Andrea Howell, Tidal Cool, Fashion Artist, I design and sew men's and women's clothing and accessories

2). How did you acquire the unique skill set to do what it is you do?

My grandmother owned a sewing shop, and I spent time alongside her growing up, essentially as an apprentice. I learned things the hands on way at an early age, and delved deeper into the craft as I got older. 


3). What is your best seller?

My neckties have been a big hit. Especially as bow ties have come back into fashion, its an accessory that let's a man (or a woman) show a little personality without overtaking the whole outfit. Plus wearing one that's handcrafted gives it that extra level of cool! 


4). How long have you been vending? Have you done a Crafty Mart show before?

I've been doing shows full time for 3 years now. I spend a lot of time on the road here in the Midwest, I love to explore new neighborhoods and cities, scouting out new indie restaurants and the local flavor while I'm traveling. I'm so fortunate that my work let's me do that! I'm happy to say that's includes several Crafty Mart events!


5). The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Beatles, of course! See Beatles tie as backup :)

Muchas gracias Andrea for answering our questions and coming to the Pop Up Crafty Mart at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.  We'll see everyone on Saturday, May 23rd, from 11am-5pm at Thirsty Dog on 529 Grant Street.   Click HERE for a complete list of all the vendors at the event.