We here at Crafty Mart are looking forward to hosting our first ever Preview Gala on Friday, April 24th.  This ticketed event is a fundraiser for Crafty Mart but it is also an opportunity for the crafters and the community to socialize.  We hope you'll join us--and take full advantage of the food, drinks, and chinese raffle during the party.

Please let me introduce one of the hard working individuals that is helping to put together this fantastic event.  Caty of Crooked River Fae is helping us to decorate the party venue and she's bringing a vintage-style photo backdrop of a paper moon.  Caty has graciously responded to a 5 QUESTIONS profile:


1).  What's your name, what do you do, and what's your role in the Preview Gala?

My name is Caty Petersilge, and I’m a whimsy engineer at Crooked River Fae (I do a great number of crafty/performy things under that moniker, and whimsy engineer does a nice job of including them all). During the school year, I teach handwork at Spring Garden Waldorf School in Copley; in summer, I’m the potter at Hale Farm and Village. I make things, too – which is how I became involved with the Preview Gala! I recently built a photo prop in the style of vintage “paper moon” photobooths that were popular at carnivals in the early 1900s. I’ll be at Crafty Mart’s preview event helping guests use the moon to create a fun souvenir to remember the night! I’ll also be doing some lighting decoration with a dozen or so tessellation lanterns I made.


2). How did you acquire the skills to do what it is you do?

Since I was a kid/all the way up through adulthood, I’ve just kept accumulating hobbies (nobody ever told me to be sensible and just pick two or three) and pouring practice time into them. So, now I can do a dangload of neat things pretty decently, which suits my brain really well and keeps my life rich with novelty. These photos showcase maybe a third of the actual Crooked River Fae goings-on in my studio, with the paper stars/monster books/feltmaking/fairy wings/sewing/lantern jamboree.

3).  What motivates you to be creative?

Uh. People! Fire! Crystals! Music! Winter! Trees! Laughter! Art! Stars! Copper! Gratitude! Jerks! Yarn! Fairies! Jim Henson! Wood! Wonder!

4).  What should people know about the camera backdrop? and how can people make the most of it?

I actually created the moon prop in February for a Mardi Gras fundraiser that my school put on at The Tangier, and it was a huge hit. We’d like to continue using it as a fundraising tool for Spring Garden, as we’re sorely in need of a new roof! If you’d like to rent it for an event, send me an email and I’ll be happy to get you set up!

As for using the moon at the gala, it’s sturdy as all heck, so you can put five people on the platform without worry. The idea is to give the illusion that the subjects are sitting on the moon, so it looks best in photos if you frame it with the edges of the moon just touching the edges of the shot. Any farther back and the illusion is lost a little; zoomed farther in, there’s no illusion at all. There will be a professional photographer at the event, but feel free to frame and snap away with phones/cameras of your own and share to whatever social media circles you run in! Crafty Mart is mega cool, and the more people who know it, the better! Plus you’re gonna want everybody to see how good you look.

5).  The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? 

 The Beatles. Always been pretty indifferent about the Stones, got nothing against ‘em though.

Thanks Caty!  We think you're mega cool too! If anyone is interested in hiring Caty's paper moon backdrop, you may contact her at: cpetersilg@gmail.com.  Photo credits (except Ron Burgundy) go to jackie-lalumandier-photography.tumblr.com. 


Advanced tickets to the Preview Gala are $15 each--tickets purchased on the day of event are $20.  All ticket holders are welcome to enjoy appetizers, two drink vouchers, and two chinese auction raffle tickets.  Additional drink vouchers and chinese raffle tickets are available for purchase at the event. Each vendor accepted into The Mom & Pop Shoppe will receive one free ticket to the Preview Gala.  Guests of vendors can purchase a limited number of discounted tickets.

Tickets are on sale NOW.  We'll see everyone at the party!