Let me introduce you to another one of our amazing makers! This is another in a series of Vendor Spotlights where we let those who will be sharing their wares shine a light on what it is they do.  The following profile is Erin and Mori from StegoKitty and their responses to a mini-questionnaire.

While they are working on their website, check out their  Facebook page .

While they are working on their website, check out their Facebook page.

1). What's your name and what is it that you make?

We are STEGOKITTY! Erin makes bags and hoop art, and Mori makes notecards and buttons and prints; she also designs the fabrics for our exclusive StegoKitty bags!

2). How did you acquire the unique skill set to do what it is you do?

Erin likes crafting and is short and petite so she has to alter a lot of her clothes...that led her to sew more and do more fun things with fabric i.e. makeup bags and such. Mori majored in illustration in college and honed her skills in her time there.

3). What is your best seller?

The pouches made with the flying kittens and rainbows! (Mori designed it.)


4).  How long have you been vending? Have you done the Mom & Pop Shoppe before?

We haven't done the Mom and Pop Shoppe before, but we have been at previous CraftyMarts; we have been participating in craft shows together for about a year and a half.

5). The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Erin- the Beatles all the way! Mori- The Beatles by default; I don't know the Stones.


Thank you Erin and Mori for answering our questions! Look for them at the next Crafty Mart event!