Crafty Mart is pleased to be offering four workshop experiences during the Mom & Pop Shoppe event on Saturday, April 25th.  There are a limited amount of spaces available for each workshop so make sure to sign up early.  For more information on all the workshops, please click HERE

To help you get to know the workshop instructors a little better, we've asked them to respond to FIVE QUESTIONS.



Aaron from Bearded Buch is teaching a workshop on brewing your own Kombucha, 1-2pm in the Ramp Room inside Summit Artspace.

1) Please describe how you see your place in Northeast Ohio's creative community.

Bearded Buch Kombucha is all about bringing awareness to our over-industrialized food system; How we can feed ourselves and be informed consumers. By using whole food we believe we can change the lives of many. We are dedicated to organic ingredients that provide the must nutrient dense product we can make. We pride ourselves on being raw, unpasteurized and 100% transparent with our ingredients. You wont’s find any extracts or fake sweeteners here.  What you see is what you get. We love being apart of NEOs amazing food scene!



2) How did you acquire the skill(s) you're passing on in the workshop?

I began home brewing 4 years ago. What started as way to incorporate healthier food into my family’s diet grew from a hobby to a passion. I have since then dedicated my time and energy to researching all there is to know about Kombucha, from PH to lactobacilli.

3) What do you hope people will get out of your workshop experience?

I hope people will walk away feeling fearless about going home and brewing Kombucha on their own. It can be a little overwhelming when you first get started. I want to take away the anxiety and the “what ifs” by empowering people to become confident home brewers.


4) What motivates you to be creative?

Creativity is an integral part of who I am. I love to create, whether it is a fermented treat or a screen printed T-shirt, I love crafting something awesome. Every step of the process is exhilarating.

5) The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stones

Many thanks to Aaron from Bearded Buch!  Sign-ups are going on NOW for the Kombucha workshop on Saturday April 25th.  Reservations are required. Information about all of the workshops can be found HERE.  We'll see everyone at Crafty Mart's Mom & Pop Shoppe  on Saturday April 25th.

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