Akron Duty Now for the Future: Volunteer at Crafty Mart!

Akron Duty Now for the Future: Volunteer at Crafty Mart!

Can we persuade you to volunteer a little bit of your time to Crafty Mart?

With less than one week until the Mom & Pop Shoppe, we need some help.  Here's what we need:

--volunteers to assist during the Preview Gala (Friday night fundraiser party, April 24th, at Summit Artspace between 5pm-8pm.)

--people to help count visitors as they enter the building at all three venues during Saturday April 25th's Mom & Pop Shoppe

--people to help vendors set up in the morning, break down in the late afternoon

--people to booth sit so vendors can take a break for bathroom needs, get a snack, or stretch their legs

--and more (See the sign-up sheet for more options)


We really can't run a big event like this without your support.  We're so grateful for our volunteers that we are offering a free meal to those who work four hours or more (from Urban Eats, or Art Museum's Q-Café.  We're even working on more options.)  More information can be found on the sign-up sheet.

***Thank you for your consideration.  Here's the SIGN-UP SHEET***

Muchas gracias to everyone who has already signed up.  And, we look forward to seeing everyone on Friday (4/24) at the Preview Gala and Saturday (4/25) at the Mom & Pop Shoppe.