Crafty Mart is pleased to be offering four workshop experiences during the Mom & Pop Shoppe event on Saturday, April 25th.  There are a limited amount of spaces available for each workshop so make sure to sign up early.  For more information on all the workshops, please click HERE

To help you get to know the workshop instructors a little better, we've asked them to respond to FIVE QUESTIONS.



Kristi from Land of Plenty is teaching a workshop on Air Plant Terrariums, 3:30-4pm in the Ramp Room inside Summit Artspace.

1) Please describe how you see your place in Northeast Ohio's creative community.

One of the things that I find interesting about Akron and NEO is all the different scenes. I’ve been watching and taking notes for quite a few years now ;) I observe that these pockets of creative people are often unaware of each other. I want to play a part in uniting the creative community!

2) How did you acquire the skill(s) you're passing on in the workshop?

I have always been drawn to plants, at times keeping many different specimens in my house. At some point, I discovered air plants, and was fascinated by the fact that they don’t need to grow in soil. I saw other people making terrariums with them, so I figured out where to buy all the different materials and started making them myself. From making them for my shop or making them for craft shows, I think I’ve made well over 1,000 terrariums by now.

3) What do you hope people will get out of your workshop experience?

I will bring all of the materials to make an air plant terrarium to the workshop. I’ll tell you a little bit about the plants and where you can get all the materials to make your own terrarium in the future. I will show you my secret terrarium-making formula which you will find is quite simple. I’ll bring an assortment of moss, tumbled gemstones, and other accessories. By the end of the workshop, you will have your own terrarium to take home with you, and the know-how to create one of your own in the future!

4) What motivates you to be creative?

I often wonder, if I were the last person on Earth, what would I create? Would I create much at all? I think the answer is that I wouldn’t care as much about being creative. The thought of other people is at the core of my creativity. Whether it’s good things like wanting to inspire people or make the world a better place, or motivating factors that aren’t quite as noble, it is other people who are at the center of my thoughts. If other people weren’t around to see what I’ve made… I honestly think I would just end up sleeping more.

5) The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

The Beatles


Thanks Kristi from Land of Plenty!  Sign-ups are going on NOW for the Air Plant Terrariums workshop on Saturday April 25th.  Reservations are required. Information about all of the workshops can be found HERE.  We'll see everyone at Crafty Mart's Mom & Pop Shoppe  on Saturday April 25th.

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