Please let me introduce one of the hard working individuals that has been at the core (and SOUL) of Crafty Mart since the very beginning! Ben Fulkman volunteed to deejay the first Crafty Mart in 2009, and he's been bringing the funk ever since-- now with the help of DJs El President and Forrest Getem Gump, who will be spinning live records at all three Crafty Mart venues!

Ben has graciously responded to a 5 QUESTIONS profile:


1) What's your name, what do you do, and what's your role in the Preview Gala?

My name is Ben Fulkman, AKA DJ Ben Crazy, and I am one-third of a collective of DJs who run the monthly all vinyl Mighty Soul Night at Uncorked Wine Bar and galleries. I will be playing funk, soul, and jazz records for both the preview gala and the main event Saturday. Don't believe I've missed an event since it started. 


 2) How did you acquire the skills to do what it is you do?

I have been a DJ for nine years now. For eight of those years I have been spinning funk records twice a month at the Matinee in Highland Square. People aren't lying when they say the only way to become good at anything,  whether music, art, sports, comedy, film, etc, is to actually go out and do it. The Matinee gave me the freedom to take chances, make mistakes, and eventually learn how to become the DJ I am now. I also spend a lot of time spinning at my house, where I currently have around 2500 records. When looking to buy a new house we had to treat my vinyl almost like another child, discussing it having its own room!


3) What motivates you to be creative?

Knowing there is an almost endless amount of music out there keeps me going at all times. Music is euphoric to me. It has touched me all the way to the bone and my need to share it with people is never ending.

4) What would you like people to get from your contribution to the event?

There is no greater feeling than seeing someone enjoy the music I'm playing. And I'm not shy in sharing band and song names, as many DJs from the past would never reveal the titles. I want people to go out and buy the records, so the bands can put out more records!!

5) The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Stones for sure. They have way more soul than the Beatles.


Thanks for answering our questions, Ben!  We're always so excited to have the Mighty Soul Night spinning records. Follow The Mighty Soul Night on Facebook so that you don't miss their next event!