This is the third in a series of Shopper Stories where Crafty Marters can share their awesome finds and the great experience they had at one of our Marts.

Here is Bronlynn's story from her visit to the Pop Up Crafty Mart at the Downtown Akron Artwalk:



Name: Bronlynn Thurman

Age: 25

Profession: Marketing Events Assistant, Cartoonist, Writer, Freelance Photographer and Illustrator, and Local Culture Blogger







The moment I stepped into my first Crafty Mart, I was hooked. The fragrance of handcrafted oils and soaps, the fresh foods, and the unique goods warmed my heart. I have always had a soft spot for locally made products. In an age where specialty crafted goods have fallen by the wayside, I’m enthused to see organizations like Crafty Mart gain steam.

My most recent trip led me to a little shop called The Nerd Stitch Shop. I spoke a bit with the owner, Kellie Stewart, and I was excited to be able to connect with a fellow female nerd. There are too few of us willing to let our nerd flag fly free. It’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t shy away from the things that she loves.

Her booth had a wide assortment of nerd paraphernalia, so it was hard to choose what I wanted. There was everything from the TARDIS necklaces to Game of Thrones bow ties. 

I finally settled on a couple of interesting bow ties. The first bow tie I purchased featured colorful cats and the other was a variety of books. The latter really tapped into my bibliophile nature. I also ended up with a hand stitched mustache pin because who doesn’t love awesome mustaches?

I’m incredibly excited about Crafty Mart’s Mom and Pop Shoppe coming up on the 25th of April. I can’t wait to check out all the vendors and I know I’ll probably leave there with lots of unique goods. 

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Thanks Bronlynn!

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