Crafty Mart is now in its seventh year hosting handmade markets downtown Akron.

In that time, there have been a lot of changes: fads come and go, vendors evolve in their craft (and even develop new ones!), but you know what always stays the same?

The humbling amount of community support we have at every single event.

The last annual Crafty Mart holiday show was our biggest event to date-- spanning over two days and three different venues for the first time. We asked our vendors to fill out a survey of how things went for them, and our friend over at mbl design very enthusiastically made us this incredibly fascinating infograph! Check it out:

Not bad for a city that's on the small side, huh?

And, just to be clear, it wasn't just the best Christmas ever for everyone who received an awesome handmade gift. It was also the best Christmas ever to all the vendors, who were able to use that money they made to grow their businesses even more. Some expanded their inventory, bought new equipment, quit their day job, or even opened their own brick and mortar store!

Crafty Mart, in addition to hosting these fun markets, prides itself as an incubator for small businesses and individual artists. We've created a network among local craftsmen and women who support each other by trading resources and talent. We're so excited to watch our vendors grow, and are so grateful to this amazing community who continues to support us support them.

That said, we cannot wait to see everyone on Saturday, April 25th for the 2015 Mom & Pop Shoppe!

We call it the Mom & Pop Shoppe for two reasons: first, Mother's Day and Father's Day are coming up sooner than you may realize; and second, what is Crafty Mart if not for a bunch of little mom and pop shops?

For more information about the Mom and Pop Shoppe, including interviews with featured vendors and workshop instructors (sign up before they sell out!), a list of all our vendors and sponsors, and how to get tickets for our inaugural Preview Gala, click here!